5 reasons to book a Golden Hour Photoshoot this Summer!

Posted on June 1, 2020

You may have heard of photographers talking about golden hour but what exactly does it mean? Golden hour is the short period either after sunrise or before sunset where the light is much softer and often golden (hence the name!)

If you’re planning a summer shoot I recommend considering arranging it for golden hour – as long as you’re ok with being at the stables until 9pm, I am too!

The benefits of a Golden Hour Photoshoot

  • The light is more flattering on the skin. Harsh midday sunlight creates shadows across the face which you don’t get when shooting in golden hour. 
  • The colours! Need I say more!
  • Timing wise, it means you can still have a normal day or go to work if we start in the evening. You therefore won’t need to set a whole day aside for your photoshoot. 
  • It’s one of the few times we ignore the ‘don’t shoot into the sun rule’ as the setting sun creates some gorgeous backlight. This also means no squinting – win win!
  • It’s likely to be a bit cooler in the evening so no sweat patches, shiny faces or flies and swishing tails – result!

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