Montages and Collages are a fantastic way to summarise your event or season! Our Montages are beautifully hand-crafted in Photoshop, with the images layered together with blurred lines between each, giving a softer finish. Our Collages feature hard lines between each image, meaning you see each image fully. With either option, you can choose the layout if you know how you’d like it. Or leave the work to us, and we’ll put them together how we deem best.

  • Writing can be added free of charge, please specify any writing requests on your order in the ‘Instructions’ box.
  • We recommend 3 – 6 photos. For the blended montages, 5 images works best (4 landscape, 1 portrait). For collages, anything between 3 and 6 works and we can work with a mixture of landscape and portrait images in those.
  • These are available to order through the website. Once ordered, I will put your images together and email you a proof. This is your FREE Digital Montage copy. Following your approval, the printed copy will be posted out to you.
  • We also have an ‘add on’ option, where, for an extra £5 we will send you the individual images you’ve chosen as individual low resolution digital files. This is a tick box on your order and this offer is only valid at time of ordering.
12″ x 8″ Collage (mounted)£55.00
18″x 12″ Collage (unmounted)£70.00
12″ x 8″ Blended Montage (mounted)£60.00
18″ x 12″ Blended Montage (unmounted)£75.00

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