“Brilliant photos from Jasmine and her team of our horses in the NAF Five Star Hartpury International. Really good quality and captured some great moments for our socials and for use by our sponsors.
Easy to use website and purchase process and competitive pricing.”
Millie Juleff Eventing & JI Event Horses
“We can’t vouch for Jasmine Punter Photography enough! We use her for all of our product photography, and as you can see, the images speak for themselves.”
Lister Clipping
Marketing Department
“Jasmine always manages to capture ‘the moment’ – whether this is over the right jump, the perfect angle, or the happiness followed by a good round, she just gets it! Not many people have this talent.
Jasmine is a delightful person, easy to chat to and never makes you feel awkward. She shares the same vision, or knows what that should look like even if you haven’t got there yet. Highly recommend.”
“Jasmine and her team are the best equine photographers around. They always capture the moment and take so many amazing photos that it is impossible not to buy one (if not multiple!). Jasmine has such a brilliant eye for what makes a good photo and always captures the horse beautifully, and is so friendly and helpful too, making the whole experience a pleasure.”
“Jasmine always takes the best photos! I always struggle when it comes to narrowing them down as I love them all! Her photos are always of great quality and are good value for money.
She is also extremely efficient in getting the photos online during an event, which I love as I’m always desperate to see them straight away. You can buy and receive a digital copy within seconds!
She is always more than happy to help, and made me the most beautiful montage of some of my favourite moments of my horse when I retired him.
I can’t wait to build up my photo collection from Jasmine over the next few years!”
“The excellent selection of photos by Jasmine’s team for both SJ and XC meant it was very difficult to choose and in the end I had to buy 3!
It was super easy to use the website as each competitor’s images are uploaded to their own folder saving so much time!
Being able to download digital files immediately as well as receiving the printed copy within a week of the event was brilliant. They’ve arrived and are excellent quality.”
Jasmine is the best showjumping photographer around!
The problem is that I am now disappointed with any photographs she hasn’t taken!
I love the range of shots she gets, always getting the colourful or more interesting jumps and then the lovely canter or patting ones before or after a round. Thank you for capturing the best bits of a horsey girls life!”
Phoebe Bolton
Showjumper & Osteopath
“Jasmine has an incredible eye… as she jumps and has horses herself, you can see this in her photos.
I’ve bought so many from shows, but this summer we did a photoshoot with all four of mine. We picked perfect locations around the yard and she even told me what shirt to wear for maximum effect!
Needless to say I was blown away by the results and have such special memories of me and my boys. Thank you Jas!”
“In all my years competing I genuinely have never met anyone that captures the moments like Jasmine Punter Photography does. 
I have so many beautiful shots that show even the most unphotogenic horses in action at their best. Jasmine and her team have provided me stunning photos of amazing memories. 
I have also been lucky enough to have Jasmine come to my yard for quiet time. With her calm professional manner, Jasmine has brought out the most beautiful pictures in environments that are not ideal and captured the relationship between my horses and I at home. I would highly recommend booking an afternoon with Jasmine, you will be astounded!”
Bex Mason Showjumping
“I love the photos taken by Jasmine Punter Photography and found it hard to choose which to buy! The website is very easy to use as each rider had their own album so you don’t find yourself scrolling for hours on end to actually find your photos.
The photos were uploaded the same night as the competition too. I really enjoyed my experience buying from Jasmine.”
My house and social media feed are both full of amazing photos taken by Jasmine, she always manages to capture the perfect moment whether during the course or that end of round smile and pat.
I love going to shows where Jasmine is the photographer, I always know I will come away with a great photo which can make even miserable show days significantly better! Thank you for capturing so much of my journey with Asterix over the last 4 years!”
“Jasmine Punter Photography is one of my favourite photography companies. I always find Jasmine and her team capture the jumps at such great angles, making my 80cm jumps look so much more impressive!
They captured some amazing photos at Broadway last year – this one being my favourite out of them and probably my favourite action photo of my horse of all time!”

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