Purchasing Photos

Where possible (depending on venue Wi-fi, 4g hotspot speed, hotel wifi etc) we will upload to our galleries during the show, otherwise it will be when we get home. For large events, if they are still not online by the night of the competition, please check back in the morning. We want to get them online just as quick as you want to see them!

We offer our digital files in 2 different ways; Instant Downloads and Edited/Emailed Digital. The instant downloads will be in your confirmation email immediately (or very soon) after successful payment. Here you can then download the images to your device or computer. Edited/Emailed Digitals are sent manually – PLEASE allow 24 hours for these and consider that there may be delays over weekends, busy periods or public holidays. Also, please do check your Junk/Spam emails prior to contacting us as they often end up in there!
To view previous orders, go to the My Account tab, where you can access previous orders and download images again if needed.

Simply the way you receive them! Edited/Emailed Digital Files will be sent manually; they are cropped/colour/brightness/contrast corrected as necessary, then emailed to you (normally within 24 hours). Instant Downloads will be available to download from your confirmation email following successful payment – they are not edited and will be as they appear on the website but without watermark. They are the same price for their respective sizes/resolution, but this allows you the choice whether you want the files immediately or are happy to wait a little longer to have them edited.

Low resolution are 1024px along the long side (usually 300-500KB in size) and are perfect for social media personal use. They are not suitable for printing. They are not watermarked.

Medium resolution are 1600 pixels along the long side (usually 1MB in size – depending on photo) and are perfect for social media use for a better looking quality image, personal websites, printing at 9×6, advertising horses.

High resolution are usually over 4000 pixels along the long side (not compressed at all and usually between 3 and 10MB in size, depending on the photo). These are perfect for having printed onto canvas, enlargements, plus all of the above.

All of the purchasing options available through the website are for personal use only. If purchasing for commercial use, please contact me.

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