Choosing Your Photoshoot outfit.

Posted on October 29, 2019

The first thing I get asked by clients for Photoshoot bookings is usually ‘What shall I wear?!’

I normally suggest at least 1 outfit change to give some variety to your images, usually a smart-casual ‘yard look’ to something a little dressier, if that tickles your fancy! If you’re unsure, it’s worth bringing a mix of outfits along (I’ve genuinely had clients bring along a suitcase of clothes and that is most definitely fine with me, lol!) and I can help you with what’ll look best with your horse’s colour and the chosen backdrops.

Something to consider for the Black Background shots is wearing something bold that stands out as this can look so eye-catching! The most important thing to consider when choosing outfits is that you pick clothes which fit well, that you feel comfortable in and that reflect you and your personality. Also, keep in mind what colours work with your horse (i.e. maybe avoiding pink with a chesnut!) and also your skin-tone – drop me a message if you need some suggestions!

Hopefully the ideas below will help when choosing outfits;

  • Casual –For summer; casual shorts/skirt, playsuits, loose trousers, a blouse, a cami top, trainers, deck shoes, sandals (for posing only – not leading!) etc. For winter; smart jeans, knit jumpers, blouses, shoe boots, Chelsea boots, a smart coat. Autumn/winter accessories like scarves, fedora hats, beanies or headbands, capes, tweed and fur/faux fur etc look great too, and add some depth to the photos!
  • Smart ‘Yard’ look – Smart breeches/jeans, yard/country boots (Fairfax & Favor is always a winner!), a shirt/polo, gilet etc. Or even your favourite competition outfit…
  • Glam – not to everybody’s taste but if you just love to get dressed up, then it’s a great opportunity to bring along a glamorous dress or fancy outfit. Perhaps that dress that has been sat in your wardrobe ever since you wore it to a party one time…



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